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About Francillia Fyffe

Founder Chief Director Francillia Fyffe is currently undertaking her LLB Law Degree, and has worked within the public sector since 2001, working in a vast range of services from special needs through to young offenders.

"I chose to champion the cause for bettering opportunities for misguided and underrepresented youths of unfortunate circumstance(s), whilst fulfilling a humanitarian vision".  

Having had the support from some of the best mentors to drive a common interest in wanting to bridge the gap in social interaction and a need for change in how we as people view diversity and equal opportunity for all, a passionate pursuit towards this endeavour was most welcome and a natural fit. 


About Cecilia Bruce-Annan

Chief Director of the Drug and Alcohol services Cecilia Bruce -Annan. She is currently a mentor and is studying a HND Health and Social Care Management.  She has over 10 years experience working in a Detox Centre and rehabilitation hostels incorporating skills to work alongside professionals to assist service users to be free of the disease of Drug and alcohol abuse.

Cecilia passionately believes in the business perspective and recognises that her essential skills will be an important asset. She is particularly keen that young adults should be given a second chance to conquer their recovery with the right facilities and direction; this will make a profound impact on their future life choices. 

About Our Team

Our common ground being our personal life experiences and our concerns and hope for a more positive and brighter future for the young people, our individual families, friends and the broader community at large.  This coupled with our passion for change, has resulted in a service that we believe will help overcome the social exclusion of our young people.

About Nicholas Obie 

Chief Director Nicholas Obie is currently a Head Teacher in the mainstream secondary sector of education; he has many years of experience within education and working with children at risk.  He has been the Head Teacher of an Alternative Provision (PRU) and his desire to provide opportunities for the young people, stems from his time running an aftercare program in the United States, working with over 200 young offenders and children at risk between the ages of 14 and 21. He provides YRDC with an innovative curriculum that stretches; challenges and ensures that the clients achieve tangible success within the educational framework.

About Youth Reform &

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