Changing your direction

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  • 12 Month Programme After Care Services

  • Mentoring Support Service

  • Work Placement and Employment Opportunities

  • Daily and Weekly Inter-Active Monitoring, Reviews, and Action Plan Assessments

  • Creative Counseling

  • Seminars

Our work speaks for itself 

We focus on making you happy because your satisfaction is key. At Youth Reform and Development Centres CIC, we are committed to your interests and our honest communication will never lead you astray. We’re not afraid of your questions or concerns, so if you have an issue please let us know immediately. It is important to us that you remain confident in your decision to work with Youth Reform and Development Centres CIC


The complete package - welcome to our, Work with Us Programmes Consisting of:


  • Life Skills Training
  • Rehabilitation Programs

  • Correctional After
    ​Care Services